Pipes Dreams

NOTE: PeterSmithCoins.com is now owned by PipesDreams.com. Feel free to contact us for any custom coins you’d like to order. We’d be happy to help.

It was always the dream of my son and I to open this business when we both retired from the Army.

Tragically my son Joey (Pipes) passed away in 2001 and I decided to open this business in his memory and to name it after him.

I have been supplying quality military merchandise all over the world ever since.

Pipes Dreams provides the following services:

Custom Engraving
Custome Laser Engraving
Custom Framing
Custom Designed Coins, Patches, Flags, Belt Buckles, Lapel Pins, Mylars, etc.
Custom Wood Work – Wooden Bases, Collections, Plaques, Plates, Etc.
Combat Medic Statues by Michael Garman – A Pipe’s Dreams Military Merchandise Exclusive

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